I miss you and it’s your special day. Maybe it’s the way I can clearly remember all our moments together, how we had our daily routine that you never got tired of but instead, fulfilled it everyday with undying excitement - from all the big things to the small things - from how you always greeted me with the happiest and sincerest eyes when I got home from school to how your tail wags when you hear my voice over the phone when we call you guys there in the PH, and maybe how it took me a lot of time and courage to rummage through my last photos in CdeO knowing that these would be there and not knowing how to handle all the feels these would bring and to acknowledge in myself that on this very day, I won’t be there to celebrate your moment with you. We may not be together now, but we will be soon. We were not meant to be apart, I believe. I love you with all of my heart, I know you love me too with all of your furry fatness. See you very soon, my love! Enjoy your day! Enjoy Rachey Rach and Longlong’s little celebration for you! Happy 2nd (or 14th) birthday, fattymae! And enjoy christmas over at Michelle Yvonne Roldan Do's. HAHAHAHA!

© November 2, 2012; Before going to the airport.

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